We help teams make video valuable.

Through powerful tools and webhooks.
Comment, Draw, Clip, Edit, Share, Integrate.

Why Should I Use vLoop?

vLoop makes using video for collaboration, improvement or instruction a million times easier and more fun. Let us help you out.

Public Speaking

vLoop helps people improve at public speaking, presentations and webinars. Get fast targeted feedback on practice or recordings of real presentations.

Use our iOS app to easily film and upload or import videos instantly from leading webex software.

“The polished quality of the eWeekend pitches we owe to vLoop. We were able to provide real time, quality advice from many contributors at the same time. We’re really excited to have vLoop next year.”

Wills Hapworth, Director at Thought into Action Entrepreneurship Institute, Colgate University

Performing Arts

Dancers, actors and other performance artists use vLoop to breakdown and critique their work.

Our screen drawing functionality combined with the ability to post timestamped comments makes it extremely easy to work together even when you aren't in the same place.

Clip and share important moments to provide useful feedback on the go.

Integration and Workflow Automation

Video is the last relic of the old internet. It stands alone in a silo. We bring the power of video into the tools you use every day and bring together all of the most powerful video technology on the web into one place.

  • Webhooks to export clips directly to platforms like Slack and Salesforce so people can view video inside the solutions they already use.

  • Webhooks to import data that is related to a video for analysis purposes. (ie sales data connected to video of sales pitches).

  • Use video annotations and tagging to coach performance in sales and presentation settings.

  • Easily add technology layers like facial recognition, audio to text, computer vision onto the video for enhanced value.
Workflow and Integrations

Be Creative

We made vLoop because we want anyone to be able to do exactly what they want using a video. At our core, we are a video technology company and we love when users discover new ways to use our tools for themselves.

Whether you want to use vLoop for our editing and sharing tools or to take advantage of our simple integrations, its all good by us.

There is no "right way" to use vLoop but if you have any questions how you might be able to do something, feel free to shoot us a note at support@vloop.io

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