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Product Features

Private Access

You control who has access to your video. Your team management dashboard allows you to easily set permissions for who is allowed to upload, share and clip.

Our powerful video processing software converts your files to a web friendly format and ensures that playback is smooth.

  • Simplified file storage system.
  • Optimized HD playback and automatic file conversion.
  • Easily merge files broken up by a camcorder into one video
  • Manage user access permissions.

No need to spend time trying to compress, convert or combine files anymore. We handle all that for you. We help you focus on what you care about.

Video Annotations

Our social media style communication panel works the same way as Facebook or Twitter. It's simple, direct and personal.

Use our drawing toolbar to create overlays on the video in seconds. You can say goodbye to your struggles using Photoshop or FinalCutPro (or just not being able to do this at all).

The vLoop annotations tools have made it easy to provide pointers to my players and make drawings on the screen and most importantly get them a lot more engaged in the learning process. -Ryan Miller, Portland Timbers

Export & Share

Filter your clips, create playlists and share with whoever you want. Export your favorite moments so you can view them offline too.

Our video processing technology does the work to cut and combine the clips you want from huge video files at the click of a button. You can build playlists from multiple videos in minutes.

Powerful Tagging

Our tagging tools were built to be flexible enough for a professional analyst but are simple enough for a beginner.

Use our sport specific tagging templates or customize your own code window and tags. Create your own keyboard shortcuts to work efficiently and analyze at a granular level.

I've been a college soccer coach at the D1 level for 6 years and used every video analysis software under the sun. As far as I am concerned, vLoop has been easier to use and more effective than he most high end products on the market. -Greg Dalby, Davidson University

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with vLoop

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Upload a video

Upload a video or import from Dropbox. If you don't have a video, we have some examples for you in your account.

Make clips & share

Check out a few tutorials and get rolling in no time.